Gibson x Living in's so LONG!!!

Hi everyone!  Okay, I'm still waiting on my dress and sweatshirt, but I just can't wait to get something posted about the Gibson x Living in Yellow collection! So much so, I made my 7 year-old take some pictures for me.  He only whined for 5 minutes about how much work I was making him do.  Anyway, the clothes are soft...comfy...AND long enough for me!  What's that sound?  The angels rejoicing?  πŸ‘Ό 🎺

I ordered size L in everything.  Some things, I think I could size down in, so if you are in between sizes, definitely go down!!!  I truly do love this collection, and I can't wait until the next round is released later in March!  Bravo to Erin!!!πŸŽ‰

First up, is what you've probably seen on my Facebook page.  This cute Cassidy skirt is very soft, and I'm pretty sure it'll be headed to the baseball field with me this summer.  The Felicity V-Neck is fun too...this is the large, and I also have a medium one a little further down the page.
Okay, it wasn't too …

Spending $$$ at Old Navy

A reader asked me to help them spend $100 at Old Navy so they could save 40%.  Ummmm...okay!!!  I can do that about 100 times over!  Seriously, good job this year Old Navy!⚓⚓⚓  Here are a few of my favorite things from Old Navy.  I find most of their things run true to size for me.  If anything, I size down in jeans!  Use code GOFORIT for save 30% on anything, 35% on $75 or 40% on purchases over $100. (***Not all items may be included...I tried my best, but sometimes the best sellers aren't included in sale.)

First up, sweatshirts.  I love sweatshirts.  I really, really love the new trend of "fancy" sweatshirts.  So...if you want to be comfy and ya go!

Next up, cardigans and jackets.  Who doesn't love a good cardigan?  Seriously, I have found 3 that are fabulous this year.  And my little knit moto I wore to church this morning.  Gold, I tell ya!
Next is tops.  Tops are my favorite.  And there are some GOOD ones! 😁😁😁
Finally, jeans are still 50% off as …

Flat lay comes to life!

Good evening ladies!  Since it's been awhile since I posted, I thought I'd bring my flat lay to life in a post just to say I'm not a total slacker!  😫

First, my disclaimer.  I'm not joking when I tell you it has been raining in Missouri for a week! 🌧🌧🌧  Not like a little rain, but pouring!  I got soaked when out and about today and my fine, straight hair just can't recover. πŸ‘±  Also, since I found this dry shampoo, I may not be washing my hair as regularly as I again, I apologize.  But seriously, this is my first crack at dry shampoo and it's amazing!  Pick up a bottle if you haven't had it before and you'll be so glad you did!😁😁😁
Back to my clothes...Loft is having a little sale this weekend.  40% full price items and 50% off sale.  This sweater and necklace are 40% off with code WEEKEND.  The Old Navy jeans are pink.  Pink and wonderful.  Nevermind the fact that every time I have them on, my husband walks by and says, "You are …

Express Sale - 40% off store

Okay...I'll be 1,000% honest.  I haven't really shopped at Express since college.  Maybe law school.  Any store that has a section called "Going Out" Tops, frightens me.  But, I will say that in the past few months, not only did I find some great jeans, I also found camo pants (and believe me, I tried them all!)  So...why not give some more stuff a try!

Everything you see is 40% off!!!  Also, use code 3357 to receive free shipping on anything!  I consolidated what I tried on into a blog for your viewing pleasure.  Please note...the mirror was filthy.  I only had a Clorox wipe with me, which probably only made things WAY worse.  So...I'm not haunted, just a little dirty!  πŸ‘»

First up, I asked 3 different sales people what the "best" work pants were.  I was told it was these.  Now, forgive the high-waterness of them...they only had regulars in the store to try.  But, these were nice.  A good stretch, and good fit.  I'd give them 2 thumbs up! πŸ‘πŸ‘  Thi…

What are you wearing for Valentine's Day

What are you wearing for Valentine'sDay? πŸ’—πŸ’˜πŸ’• Big plans this year for the big day?  Staying in with the one/ones you love?  Skipping the day entirely because red isn't your color?πŸ–€  Whichever way, I gotcha covered!  I've never really cared one way or the other for all the hype, but I do enjoy red or pink, chocolate and all my boys, so I just go with it.  And if someone wants to bring me some pretty flowers🌹 or chocolate covered strawberries,πŸ“ then so be it!

Looks like Valentine's Day falls in the middle of the week this year, so I'm guessing that many of you will be at work.  I gotcha covered!!!  This top is super cute, and though I haven't been in an office for awhile, I'd say work appropriate.  And, on sale for 40% off with code LOVEIT (50% off if you have a LOFT card).  Pants are the same deal.  Loft gets a big Valentine's Day πŸ’— from me!  Heels are also $10 with code KEEPSAVING!

The big question is, what will you wear that night?  Going out for s…

Lofty Goals!

See what I did there?  I do love shopping at Loft.  Right now, all their new arrivals (and not so new) are 40% off, so I thought, why not go see what I could see! 

Ponchos/Cardigans---First up, I have a few wraps/ponchos (whatever you prefer to call them) and cardigans.  Now, I need another cardigan like I need a hole in my head, but when it's on sale and cute, you gotta do what you gotta do! 

I loved this reversible checked poncho.  It has armholes, which is always a plus for me.  Love the colors as well.  Size down though, it's big.  I tried the M/L, but needed the XS/S, which is saying something for me!

Next up is a marled coatigan.  I don't know what the heck a "coatigan" is.  I guess it's what happened when a coat and cardigan mated, but can't say for sure.  Whatever it is, it's cute!  I sized down to a medium in this one.
And last in this category is another poncho.  This one was nice.  It's a one size fits all, so no sizing down in this one.…

Nordstrom Rack Gold!

Hi everyone!  Well, I did what you all asked and veered away from Nordstrom!  Okay, so not far, as it's Nordstrom Rack, but still!  I love it when I find things I had in my cart at Nordstrom that sell out, and then pop up at the rack!  That's exactly what a few of these guys did!

First up is this cutie little Bobeau flutter sleeve top.  I nabbed this up at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale in July, and now it's at the Rack.  Woohoo!  I love it!  Super flattering on!  I'm wearing in a size L, and it's roomy enough to enjoy my dinner, but not so big it's frumpy.  Pick it up now and have a cute summer top waiting for you.  It's a winner!
Next up is this cute little Bobeau cold shoulder top.  Or wait, is it a cold shoulder top???  Well, let me tell's a one shoulder, cold shoulder top.  I wore this out on a girls' night to see Bad Moms Christmas and a stranger even told me it was cute.  Now it's less than $20!!!  It's got a nice flow to it.…