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40% off Loft

As I was getting ready to write this post, I noticed it has been ONE MONTH since I posted last.  And it was Loft that led me to do it last time.  This might as well be called my Loft blog.  Seriously!!!  Time is flying!!! Anyway, I bring you this post because Loft has the entire store 40% off.  Also, they are doing their "Yay of the Day" which means a super sweet deal everyday to go with the 40% off.  Not too shabby!  Anyway, on to the good stuff...some of this is already on sale as well, goodness, the deals will be even better!  I'm just going to shoot it all out's okay to go crazy!  Loft is good! 💓💙💚💛💜  Use code LONGWKND for savings! Pink pretty dress...true to size for me.  I'm wearing in a size 14. Dress , shoes , Taj clutch  True to size...wearing in a size 14. Dress , Shoes , Taj clutch Beach dress...wearing in size L...true to size for me! Dress , similar shoes  Striped tee dress...wearing in a size L...true to