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Spending $$$ at Old Navy

A reader asked me to help them spend $100 at Old Navy so they could save 40%.  Ummmm...okay!!!  I can do that about 100 times over!  Seriously, good job this year Old Navy!⚓⚓⚓  Here are a few of my favorite things from Old Navy.  I find most of their things run true to size for me.  If anything, I size down in jeans!  Use code GOFORIT for save 30% on anything, 35% on $75 or 40% on purchases over $100. (***Not all items may be included...I tried my best, but sometimes the best sellers aren't included in sale.)

First up, sweatshirts.  I love sweatshirts.  I really, really love the new trend of "fancy" sweatshirts.  So...if you want to be comfy and ya go!

Next up, cardigans and jackets.  Who doesn't love a good cardigan?  Seriously, I have found 3 that are fabulous this year.  And my little knit moto I wore to church this morning.  Gold, I tell ya!
Next is tops.  Tops are my favorite.  And there are some GOOD ones! 😁😁😁
Finally, jeans are still 50% off as …

Flat lay comes to life!

Good evening ladies!  Since it's been awhile since I posted, I thought I'd bring my flat lay to life in a post just to say I'm not a total slacker!  😫

First, my disclaimer.  I'm not joking when I tell you it has been raining in Missouri for a week! 🌧🌧🌧  Not like a little rain, but pouring!  I got soaked when out and about today and my fine, straight hair just can't recover. 👱  Also, since I found this dry shampoo, I may not be washing my hair as regularly as I again, I apologize.  But seriously, this is my first crack at dry shampoo and it's amazing!  Pick up a bottle if you haven't had it before and you'll be so glad you did!😁😁😁
Back to my clothes...Loft is having a little sale this weekend.  40% full price items and 50% off sale.  This sweater and necklace are 40% off with code WEEKEND.  The Old Navy jeans are pink.  Pink and wonderful.  Nevermind the fact that every time I have them on, my husband walks by and says, "You are …

Express Sale - 40% off store

Okay...I'll be 1,000% honest.  I haven't really shopped at Express since college.  Maybe law school.  Any store that has a section called "Going Out" Tops, frightens me.  But, I will say that in the past few months, not only did I find some great jeans, I also found camo pants (and believe me, I tried them all!)  So...why not give some more stuff a try!

Everything you see is 40% off!!!  Also, use code 3357 to receive free shipping on anything!  I consolidated what I tried on into a blog for your viewing pleasure.  Please note...the mirror was filthy.  I only had a Clorox wipe with me, which probably only made things WAY worse.  So...I'm not haunted, just a little dirty!  👻

First up, I asked 3 different sales people what the "best" work pants were.  I was told it was these.  Now, forgive the high-waterness of them...they only had regulars in the store to try.  But, these were nice.  A good stretch, and good fit.  I'd give them 2 thumbs up! 👍👍  Thi…