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Okay...I'll be 1,000% honest.  I haven't really shopped at Express since college.  Maybe law school.  Any store that has a section called "Going Out" Tops, frightens me.  But, I will say that in the past few months, not only did I find some great jeans, I also found camo pants (and believe me, I tried them all!)  So...why not give some more stuff a try!

Everything you see is 40% off!!!  Also, use code 3357 to receive free shipping on anything!  I consolidated what I tried on into a blog for your viewing pleasure.  Please note...the mirror was filthy.  I only had a Clorox wipe with me, which probably only made things WAY worse.  So...I'm not haunted, just a little dirty!  ðŸ‘ŧ

First up, I asked 3 different sales people what the "best" work pants were.  I was told it was these.  Now, forgive the high-waterness of them...they only had regulars in the store to try.  But, these were nice.  A good stretch, and good fit.  I'd give them 2 thumbs up! 👍👍  This top is all sorts of cute...I'm in a large, and would say a medium would be fine, but of course they didn't have one to try!  2 colors to choose from, so go check them out! 
Pants, top
Same pants, different top.  Of course this could be worn with jeans too.  I liked how it hugged where I wanted it to, and did NOT hug where I didn't want it to.  4 colors and $20.  So, there you go!  Grab all 4 colors if need be!  I'm wearing in large, which is true to size.
Pants, Deep V top
Next up, I tried the cami that everyone raves about.  I'm not so much a cami girl these days.  Not sure why...maybe because I'm super pasty and like to show as little as skin as possible.  But this is a good one!  I love this color, but there are a quadillion to choose from, so go crazy!  And, paired with this cardi, it's faboo!!!😘  Again, large worked best for me in both of these.
Jeans, cami, cardi

Jeans, cami
I did NOT expect to find tie tops long enough for me at Express!  I was seriously excited about that!  The black is a sweater type material, the striped one, more of a tee.  Loved both.  Left with the sweater.  True to size for me on both of these!
Jeans, tie front sweater

Jeans, tie front striped top, tie front solid top
Lastly, this one was just for fun.  I'm probably not cool enough to wear it, but it was soft and edgy.  I'm soft, but not edgy, so it half worked for me!!!  Either way, it is super cute.  I'm wearing the large, but it's pretty roomy, so you could size down in this one!
Jeans, sweatshirt
Well, there it is...don't forget, my camo pants from this morning are also 40% off!  I've only heard great things about them...especially the fact that when you wear them, your kids can no longer see you and demand you play with them or get them a snack!  😉
Camo pants
Happy Thursday friends...until next time!

Deb 😃


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