Going out, or staying in?

Saturday night...Going out, or staying in?

Congratulations!  You made it!  The week is over, and you made it through all your Saturday errands and little kid sports events.  It's time to kick back and relax.  But the question is, will you be going out, or staying in???

It's the age old dilemma really...unless you have kids, then it's usually kind of decided for you.  BUT, maybe you're a lucky parent, blessed with great children, that like to try to eat at new places and don't complain about every...single...thing.  That's not me...my kids start fighting over who gets stuck sitting by Mommy the moment we get shown to a table. Maybe they'll color for 2 minutes until they start begging to play on our phones.  After a 10 minute argument over that, and the fact that they have to get white milk instead of chocolate, they'll do a find-it, or word search, but not without the help of Daddy (because Mommy doesn't know how to spot a cow in that farm picture, obviously).  It inevitably ends with the big people trying to explain to the little people that the big people MADE 2 little people so they could play together and LEAVE US ALONE for 5 minutes. Then they'll find a speck of pepper in their mac and cheese and refuse to eat.  It's great.  Going out with kids is super fun!

But, maybe you have a babysitter?   Maybe Aunt Harriet needs a baby fix.  Maybe Uncle Joe lost the college football pool and now has to hang out with your munchkins for the night.  Either way, you could go out...on a Saturday night!!!

But, it's 10 degrees outside.  You're a bit tired from going to the grocery store, doing 6 loads of laundry, giving the dog a bath because he puked in his pen...etc.  So...maybe you'd rather stay in.  Either way, I got you covered.

If you are staying in, you might want to check out Target for some super soft tops and bottoms.  This Gilligan & O'Malley is cuter than your basic PJ's, but very affordable and warm!  I have this ensemble in the nomokis blue (whatever that means) and the gray.   Love!  And the socks???  A bit of a splurge, but I put them in my own stocking at Christmas (that's allowed right?).  They are so soft and warm...I wear them around the house and with my snow boots every time I leave the house. 

Lounge top, Lounge pants, Amazingly soft socks
If you are going out, nothing beats a warm sweater and boots.  Oh yes, the sweater is now down to $16!!!  It's true.  Check it out at Loft.  And the boots?  They are true OTK boots (which is hard to find at 5'10).  Oh, and they are half off with free shipping.  I love them!!!  I'd buy more colors if my husband wouldn't kick me out of the house. 
Sweater, OTK boots, Jeans
So...what did you do decide to do tonight? Whatever it was, I hope you are having a great night!



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