Lofty Goals!

See what I did there?  I do love shopping at Loft.  Right now, all their new arrivals (and not so new) are 40% off, so I thought, why not go see what I could see! 

Ponchos/Cardigans---First up, I have a few wraps/ponchos (whatever you prefer to call them) and cardigans.  Now, I need another cardigan like I need a hole in my head, but when it's on sale and cute, you gotta do what you gotta do! 

I loved this reversible checked poncho.  It has armholes, which is always a plus for me.  Love the colors as well.  Size down though, it's big.  I tried the M/L, but needed the XS/S, which is saying something for me!

Poncho, button sleeve sweater
Next up is a marled coatigan.  I don't know what the heck a "coatigan" is.  I guess it's what happened when a coat and cardigan mated, but can't say for sure.  Whatever it is, it's cute!  I sized down to a medium in this one.
Coatigan, striped tee
And last in this category is another poncho.  This one was nice.  It's a one size fits all, so no sizing down in this one.  It's got armholes and pockets!  So cute...wish it came in more colors!
Poncho, striped tee  
Tops---Ahhhh...tops at Loft.  Much like whiskers on kittens, it's one of my favorite things.  Here's a few I found!

This green number is a cutie.  I LOVED the color.  It's considered a "relaxed tee" and comes in 3 colors (but who needs them when you have THIS color!).  I'm in a size L, but I think I need to size up for length and a little more relaxness. 
Relaxed top
 Anyone like 3/4 sleeves?  Anyone like tie sleeves?  Well, you can have both in this one!  It's cute, and flattering on.  Plus, it's a great price!  I don't think I'll be busting it out this weekend since it's going to be in single digits, but it'll be great come April! Comes in this stripe top and 3 solid colors. I'm wearing a size L.
Stripe top, solid tops in same style
I grabbed the next one as an under shirt and didn't even realize it had these cute little buttons on the sleeves until I had it on!  It's super cute, but too short for me.  But if you aren't part Amazonian, it'll be a good addition to your wardrobe!
Ahhh...and this little number is my fav!  I thought it was navy online, but it's actually black.  The bell sleeves are sooooo cute! It's light and drapey and all things wonderful!  And these are the red pants I posted yesterday.  They are under $20 when added to cart.  I am wearing in regular, but would probably order a tall (I'm 5'10).  I'm wearing the top in a size L.
Bell sleeve top, red pants
Dresses---Last, but not least, dresses!!!  I don't wear a ton of dresses.  That being said, I own quite a few.  I think my life is alot more fabulous than it is, apparently.  I THINK I'll have a reason to wear them, but in the end, taking my kids to see Paddington 2 isn't really a "dress" excursion.  But, you asked for it, so I found a couple I loved! (By the way, I haven't had a pedicure in nearly 3 months, so please just don't mind the feet and toes...thanks so much!)

This dress makes we want to picnic at a Botanical Garden.  But that might be a bad idea because bees might try to pollenate me (or whatever it is they get the idea).  It's really cute on and super flattering.  I'm in a regular L and I actually like the length of it, but comes in petite and tall sizes too!
Floral dress
And last, but certainly not least, is this number that you HAVE to have in your closet.  I saw it online and did a quick, no thanks.  I tried it on and it's wonderful.  It's soft, hides all the bad things and plenty long in a regular length (also comes in petite).  I left the store with this one in size L.  Anyone want to take me out to wear it???
Blouson dress
Happy shopping everyone!  And don't forget to use code FRESH to save 40% off all this.  Oh, and a special thanks to Maggie who was working at Loft today.  She was super helpful in finding my sizes and became a BTB follower!!!



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