What are you wearing for Valentine's Day

What are you wearing for Valentine's Day?

πŸ’—πŸ’˜πŸ’• Big plans this year for the big day?  Staying in with the one/ones you love?  Skipping the day entirely because red isn't your color?πŸ–€  Whichever way, I gotcha covered!  I've never really cared one way or the other for all the hype, but I do enjoy red or pink, chocolate and all my boys, so I just go with it.  And if someone wants to bring me some pretty flowers🌹 or chocolate covered strawberries,πŸ“ then so be it!

Looks like Valentine's Day falls in the middle of the week this year, so I'm guessing that many of you will be at work.  I gotcha covered!!!  This top is super cute, and though I haven't been in an office for awhile, I'd say work appropriate.  And, on sale for 40% off with code LOVEIT (50% off if you have a LOFT card).  Pants are the same deal.  Loft gets a big Valentine's Day πŸ’— from me!  Heels are also $10 with code KEEPSAVING!
Top, pants, heels, necklace

The big question is, what will you wear that night?  Going out for something fancy?  I gotcha covered!  Having a casual dinner or movie out?  I gotcha covered!  

First, let's go out on the town!  I've had this puppy in a box in my closet since December.  I've been scared of it.  SCARED!  All the bloggers rave about it, but my mommy belly isn't on par with most of these ladies, so in the box it sat.  I opened it up a few days ago, and well, it's not bad!  Actually flattering!  I did size up to an XL, and I'd be crazy not to wear my wrap out so I can truly enjoy my dinner and go sans Spanx.  But still!!! 

Wrap is on sale, and use code KEEPSAVING on heels for $10 off.  And layered necklace people...listen up!  This one comes as 3 separate necklaces...shut the front the door!  I'm only wearing 2, but I find they are much more tangleless when they are separate.  Fingers crossed this is true for you! 🀞 
Dress, heels, necklace
Dress, wrap, heels

For something a little more casual (i.e. warmer), I thought this red sweater was adorable!  It's 40% off right now too.  And I pulled out all the stops for this night...Spanx leggings!  Still a splurge, but still amazingly wonderful!  Your date will say, "hubba, hubba!"  Or, in my case, "how much did those cost?!?"  Either way, they'll get noticed! πŸ˜‰ My booties are also about 50% off.  They are my favorite dressy boots!  Super comfy!!!

Sweater, leggings, boots, clutch
Or...maybe just a pop of pink?  I LOVE pink.  Especially fuschia.  Takes me to my happy place.  This is a pretty basic look, dressed up with a 50% off necklace! 
Sweater, necklace, jeans, similar shoes, clutch
And finally...my look for Valentine's Day.  I usually pick up a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's for my boys, have an epic Pinterest fail that I attempted for dessert then go to bed early thinking about the treasures my kids made me at school. That's my perfect Valentine's Day!  πŸ’—


Top, PJ pants


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